NEW!!!  Teacher Resource Guide for all World Language Courses

Check out our new teachers' resource guide (TRG) for teachers, facilitators and mentors using Middlebury world language courses!  This new TRG replaces many of the former documents found on the Middlebury PD website and has combined them all into one comprehensive document.  Inside the guide is pedagogy and structure of the courses, implementation resources including information on: blended learning, fully online and world language classroom supported by a facilitator, learning & assessment strategies, best practices, suggested projects, extension activities, scope and sequence, alignments & authentic materials resources.  The new TRG can be found on the Middlebury PD website under each world language course.


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Feel free to browse around and see what’s available to support you in teaching a world language or ELL. Tutorials and user guides are available for learning the platform where you access your courses as well as curriculum resources for each of our courses.

You’ll also find information on how to register for our professional development webinar series. We look forward to providing you with the latest research in the areas of world language teaching, online learning, blended learning and more.

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What Others Are Saying:

  • "Our students have all shown great interest in the program and love how interactive it is. I appreciate that it seems to address the needs of different types of learners and that students can move at their own pace."
    Michael Portal, Weybridge Elementary
  • "Students definitely had access to languages they would have never been exposed to otherwise. We had students taking Latin, Mandarin and German which was not possible anywhere else in our school district."
    John Bieker, Jewel Middle School
  • "We’ve grown from 40 to 400 kids in the program—the [Middlebury Interative] courses introduce more languages with new, engaging, fun and interactive ways to learn."
    Allyson Hudnall, Provo School District