Professional Development for World Language Teachers

Middlebury Interactive’s Professional Development modules and webinars focus on providing teachers with the tools, strategies and best practices to use Middlebury Interactive's materials to support student learning, in both blended and fully online settings.

  1. Getting Started: How to Blend Your Classroom and Implement a Middlebury Interactive Languages Course:Based on the courses you pick, these modules will guide you through one unit of your selected Middlebury Interactive Languages Course (Exposure, Competency or Fluency) and provide information on course structure as well as offering setup, best practices and teaching strategies in a blended classroom.
  2. Getting Started: How to Implement Middlebury Interactive Languages' Competency Course in a Fully Online Classroom: This module will guide you through one unit of the Competency Course and provide information on course structure as well as offering setup, best practices and teaching strategies in a fully online classroom.
  3. Immersive Techniques in the World Language Classroom: Learn how to create a classroom based on immersive techniques and how to bring research-based proven strategies and best practices in second language acquisition to your classroom.  You will also learn how to use the Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) as an alternative assessment method in your classroom. 

  4. Principles of Proficiency: Delve into principles and benchmarks of proficiency across all modes of communication (interpersonal, interpretive and
    presentational) and apply this learning to assess students.
  5. 21st Century Skills in the World Language Classroom: Learn teaching strategies that will help build 21st century skills in your students. Discover how to open up opportunities for students to support global thinking and social and cultural awareness.
  6. Classroom Strategies for Non-World Language Teachers Using Middlebury Interactive Materials: Non-world Language Teachers will learn strategies to support student learning and keep students motivated and engaged in a fully online classroom.
  7. Scaffolding Techniques & Differentiation Strategies in Middlebury Interactive Courses:  In this module, we will look at how the content in each of our courses are scaffolded. You will then learn differentiation strategies and techniques to further support student acquisition of the target language.
  8. Standards-based Grading: Learn how to modify your current grading practices to reflect what students are able to do with the language based on the ACTFL Can-Do Statements and the ACTFL proficiency guidelines.  
    9. Sharing the Vision with Stakeholders: A Brief Overview of What Teachers, Administrators and Parents Need to Know: This module will guide those who are new to online learning through a brief overview of our courses. It will provide you with talking points on pedagogy, implementation and expectations of learning a second language that administrators and teachers can be share with all stakeholders.
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